There is inherent risk in any business, and GCS give you the information for making smart business decisions to help mitigate that risk. If debtors are putting your business at risk or you just want to make sure your new business partner is legitimate, then GCS Risk will be there for you.

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Enable the early identification of potential bad debts.


Verification Services

One of the best ways to minimize risk in business is by always having the most relevant and important information.

In order to make smart decisions in business you need to have information about your employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.

GCS has a number of verification services that will give you all of the data you need to make smart choices.

All Verification Services

Verify Employees

Protect your business from theft and accidents caused by employees, have pertinent background information before making a hire. GCS can provide employee verification information about everything from degrees and employment histories to criminal and credit records streamlining your pre-employment screening process.

Verify Customers

Businesses can no longer claim ignorance about customers they work with that might be breaking the law, which is why it is vital to know your customer. GCS’s know your customer reports include information about credit history, as well as any problems with AML (anti-money laundering) legislation the customer may have had. This allows you to make more informed choices and avoid potential legal problems.

Verify Suppliers

KYS reports, also known as Supplier Due Diligence, will check important information about your potential suppliers to ensure they are legitimate. GCS can even do physical site checks for quality assurance.

Verify Business Associates

In order to make sure you are getting what you pay for, GCS will gather important information that will help you make smarter choices about employment, investments, strategic partnerships and mergers. We compile due diligence information on legal and financial matters that will become an integral part of your decision making process. We offer a confidential, sound & unbiased perspective that will supplement your internal resources.


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Investigation Services

In order to ensure that your business does not fall prey to fraud, bogus insurance claims, unscrupulous business partners or dishonest employees, you will need to do plenty of research.This is where GCS comes in, and can provide competent and committed investigation services to help you minimize your risk in these areas.

All Investigation Services

Due Diligence

Getting into a business partnership is an inherently risky endeavor, which is why due diligence and business intelligence are so important.

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Corporate Fraud

GCS Risk’s team of international investigators is well trained and experienced to investigate corporate fraud all over the world.

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GCS will Investigate the Facts to Discover the Truth.

Brand Protection

GCS understands that your brand is the identity of your company.

If this brand is tarnished through things like fraud, piracy and counterfeit it can do irreparable damage to your company’s reputation.

This is why GCS offers brand protection services that aim to maintain the reputation and quality of your brand and reputation.

Brand Protection Services

Grey Market Investigations

Grey market goods are genuine branded products that are imported through unauthorized channels. Grey market products can have a drastic effect on the profits of legitimate businesses. GCS will target the entire supply chain and gather important information that will give you the ammunition you need to stop grey market activity.

Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations

The practice of making “knock off” replications of well-known and high-end designer brands has long been prevalent, particularly in the countries of Southeast Asia. Counterfeit products not only cost a business in lost revenue, but also damage their reputation by putting inferior products on the market that bear their logo or name. GCS can be a valuable international partner that can investigate cases of suspected counterfeiting and even offer legal advice on how to pursue the offenders.

Trademark Infringement

Your intellectual property and copyrights are just as valuable as physical assets and in some cases, even more so. In fact, protecting these intangible assets is a crucial part of the long-term viability and success of your business. GCS will use its global reach, resources and the latest software systems to ensure your intellectual property and copyrights are protected.