One of the most important investigation services that Global Credit Solutions provides is class investigative action. When criminal and civil wrongdoing occur on a large scale, the ramifications can be far reaching. When a business is victimized by some kind of scheme or crime it can affect every employee from the CEO to the cleaning staff. Whether the outcome involves lost investments, reduced earnings or damaged property, the fall-out can be extensive. This fall out can be even worse if there is evidence of physical effects or emotional trauma and suffering.


This is why GCS’ team of international investigators takes class investigative actions so seriously, as we understand that criminal or civil wrongdoing could be disastrous for your company. Fraudulent crimes such as fake investment schemes, Internet scams and other types of “boiler room scams” account for millions of dollars in losses each year. Because there are so many of these types of crimes, law enforcement investigators do not have the time nor the resources to look into each one thoroughly. This is where GCS comes in, as we have the team in place and the international resources to investigate fraud against your company, regardless of where it occurred.


If you or your company has been the victim of suspected fraud, or you know others that have been adversely affected by a scam or scheme then it is time to contact Global Credit Solutions for help. Our team of skilled and highly trained investigators is often able to succeed where others have failed. Our investigators have the experience and expertise to get past the barriers that might seem insurmountable to others. GCS will persist with intensive investigations until we obtain the information necessary to close the case. In addition, GCS lawyers will lead a coordinated effort to ensure your class action lawsuit has the best chance of a successful outcome.


Individuals or businesses that are on the receiving end of a class action lawsuit are not going to just take it lying down. They will usually defend their case vigorously, as a ruling against them in the courts can result in a substantial payout to the plaintiffs involved. This is why it is so crucial to gather all of the relevant information before any legal decisions are made. GCS can ensure that you are armed with all of the evidence you need to successfully win your class action suit, even if it is vigorously defended.


Fraudulent claims against businesses are at an all time high, which is why businesses need to protect themselves by hiring GCS’ team of skilled international investigators. If you have any questions about our class investigative action services or any of our other risk management solutions, please feel free to contact GCS by phone or email. If you would like a free quote for class investigative action services just click on the “Request a free quote today” button at the bottom of the page to get things started.


It only takes one investment scam or Internet scheme to ruin a business, which is why you should call GCS to help.

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