Executive background investigations are another one of Global Credit Solutions most important investigative services. It is accepted practice for an executive to polish and refine their resume so that it portrays them in the most positive way possible. Even though all employers expect a certain amount of resume embellishment, they still need to be assured that the information provided is truthful and accurate. This is especially true of executive and senior level positions that involve a high level of responsibility and remuneration.


GCS’ highly skilled team of international investigators can play an integral role in your hiring procedures by verifying information such as educational achievements, employment history and references and memberships to professional associations. GCAS can even look into the credit and criminal history of the individual so that your business can streamline its hiring practices and make smart choices.


Always Ethical

Our experienced investigators at GCS always work within the laws and customs of the country in which they operate. All information presented to you is available in the public domain and is legally obtainable. We have finely tuned research techniques that will find information that is not readily available.


International Resources

GCS operates in more than 90 countries worldwide, which means we have the global resources in place to investigate and verify information. Since many executives have been educated or work in other countries, our international resources are imperative to helping you make a good decision. We will work through all of the red tape and hassle of dealing with international investigations so that you won’t have to.


Timely Reports

We use the most innovate software systems and technology to ensure that you get comprehensive reports within limited timeframes. You can ensure you have the information at hand when you need it. We will update your file with real time information so that you always have the latest data on hand.




Legal Advice

If our investigations reveal that an employee has lied or misrepresented themselves on a resume or CV you might decide to terminate them on these grounds. The process of ending an employment contract can be messy, costly and stressful. Our network team of experienced lawyers can assist your Human Resources department with the information they need to carry out the necessary procedures.


If you have any questions about our executive background investigation services then please contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help. If you would like a free quote for our executive background investigations then simply click on the “Request a free quote today” button at the bottom of the page. GCS will help ensure you make smart choices when hiring executives.

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Facts and Information, Not Instincts

In the past employers just had to rely on their “gut instinct” when hiring someone, as they did not have much information available. Now pre-employment screening processes are not only smart, but also an essential part of the hiring procedure. Since your business and its reputation are potentially at stake, it is crucial that you allow GCS to help with your hiring procedures.