Insurance fraud robs honest citizens of billions of dollars each year worldwide. This is why one of the most important investigative services that Global Credit Solutions provides is insurance fraud and claims investigations. Some people think that insurance fraud is just a victimless crime, but we at Global Credit Solutions know that this is far from the truth.


Insurance fraud results in losses that affect all policyholders, as it forces insurance companies to raise premiums across the board. Every policyholder is affected by this fraudulent activity, regardless of the scale involved, which is why it is so important to sniff out cases of fraudulent claims. If suspected insurance fraud has affected you or your business, the highly skilled investigators at GCS can help you uncover all the relevant aspects of the case. Armed with this information, you can confidently begin the process of rectifying the situation and recovering any losses.


True Global Reach

At GCS, we specialize in the investigation of suspected insurance fraud at a national, regional and international level. We have more than 100 offices in 90+ countries, which gives GCS the global reach and resources to investigate cases of insurance fraud no matter where they might have occurred. Cases that involve commercial insurance and trade credit insurance are not only difficult to solve, but can also be quite costly. This is why you need a team of investigators with cross-border capabilities and the resources to conduct the investigation.


We have a team of international investigators that will not be thwarted by matters of geography and distance. We use a true “boots on the ground” approach with investigators that are experts in the laws, customs and culture of the country where they operate. This is a crucial part of the investigation process, as you will not have to waste time, money and other resources dealing with the complex world of international law and culture.


No case too large or too small

We at GCS realize that every case of insurance fraud is important, as they all impact premiums. Whether your case is a small time con man or an international gang running sophisticated scams, we will work with local law enforcement agents to find a resolution.


Claim Investigation

Our expert teams can also investigate the legitimacy of insurance claims across many sectors and categories worldwide. GCS has been an important partner for insurance companies over the years, as uncovering fraudulent claims can prevent significant losses for insurance companies.



Expert Legal Advice

GCS also has a global network of lawyers that can provide timely advice about the best actions to take. Our legal team will work with the client’s lawyers to help minimize your costs and get the desired outcome.


Confidentiality Guaranteed

GCS can investigate any suspected insurance fraud without any direct involvement from your company, which ensures all of your investigations are kept confidential.


If you suspect you have been a victim of fraud do not hesitate to contact GCS today. You can get a free quote by clicking on the “Request a free quote today” button at the bottom of the page.

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