Merging two companies together takes a lot of faith and trust, which is why mergers and acquisitions carry a fair amount of risk. The best way to limit this risk is by having all of the information necessary to make smart decisions. You can have dozens of meetings where data is exchanged and promises are made, but in the end you will still just be “hoping” that your business is making a good choice. Global Credit Solutions aims to take all of this “faith,” “trust,” and “hope” and replace it with the facts that you need to minimize your risk in a merger or acquisition. The highly skilled investigators at GCS have the experience and expertise to uncover or verify vital information about the business in question.


Thorough Processes

GCS team of international investigators has thorough processes in place that only come from years of experience. Our investigators have the processes and resources in place to obtain information that others might not be able to find. GCS investigators can even do physical site checks to ensure and verify the viability of the business.


Financial Assessments

Financial statements can be difficult to asses, as creative accounting can make a business appear more financially stable than it really is. Our investigators will delve deep into the financial history of the company so that you know all of their information is legitimate. We can also look into their debt and legal history to ensure that there are no pending court cases or nasty surprises down the road.


Always Ethical

GCS knows that your reputation is important, which is why our experienced investigators always conduct research within the boundaries of the local laws and customs. All information presented to you is available in the public domain and is legally obtainable. This ensures that your reputation and ours remains intact.


Innovative Software

GCS investigators will use all of the software systems and latest technology at our disposal to gather information. Our investigators are able to access and update your file with detailed, real time information as it comes to hand. This allows our expert investigators to share information with each other in real time, as it is necessary. You will receive regular reports of our progress that you can access easily.


If your company is considering a merger or acquisition then you need to limit your risk and liability by having all of the crucial information about your prospective business partners. GCS’ team of investigators will ensure you are relying on facts and not leaving anything to chance.


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